At The Cabana, we offer effective sunless tanning (spray tanning) in Sanford, Pinehurst & Fayetteville, NC that will have you looking fabulous without the health risks associated with the sun or tanning beds. While you're here, treat yourself to some additional day spa services as well, such as facial treatments and lash extensions.

Cabana Express - $50
This is our most popular tan because you no longer need to wait all day to shower off the stickiness. This tan allows you to shower within 1 to 3 hours based on the color you desire. (Our spray tan technician will help you find the right color for you) 

Cabana Premium $45
Our Organic Spray Tan with Pre Tan Exfoliating and Hydofirm After Treatment. Pre- Tan Exfoliation moves dead cells from the surface of the skin and promotes a more even tan. Hydrofirm After Treatment seals in the color.

Cabana Glow - $35
This tan can be a soft glow up to a deep rich Caribbean bronze. Must wait 8 hours before showering or touching water. 

Cabana Half Shade - $25 
This tan allows you to spray either upper or lower half of your body based on your needs. Some tanners get a natural tan from the sunlight up top but their legs never tan, so this is perfect to get an even glow! 

Cabana Contouring - $20 
This is wonderful add on for those looking to add some definition to their muscles through shading with the airbrush tan. Get that 6 pack or byceps definition you desire with a quick add on to your spray tan 

Competition Tan - $125 
These tans are 1 to 3 coats based on the athletes desire and beginning color. Get stage ready with a deep dark tan and show off all your hard work for 1st place! 

Cabana Face - $20 
Wanna preserve your face from fine lines and wrinkles from the sun but also want to hide some of what you may already have? This is the alternative to wearing everyday foundation by spray tanning your face! 

Spray Tan Care and Instructions

How you care for your Sunless Tan is just as important as the quality of the application in the first place. There are several key steps to follow as you prepare for your tan. Once your tan has been applied, it is essential to follow the proper maintenance program.

Sunless Guidelines

Important facts to know about your Sunless Tanning Experience:

Your airbrush tan will last between 5-7 days if you properly maintain it.

You should avoid touching your tan with the palms of your hands before your first water rinse. Doing so could result in the color transferring to your palms. If this does happen, you can remove the undesired color by rinsing your hands in lukewarm water.

If you are unhappy with the results, you must call the salon within 24 hours to allow the Airbrush Artist to remedy imperfections and discoloration to give you the look you want.

Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during his or her session.

* NC Law prohibits Minors under the age of 14 from Airbrush Tanning.

Anyone who has had a recent surgical procedure should speak to their physician prior to their Airbrush Session.

Before Your Airbrush Spray Tan

You should shower with a natural, non-moisturizing soap, as moisturizers can leave a film on your skin that will result in an uneven tan.

Any shaving or waxing should be completed at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Tanning is most successful with clean and balanced skin, so you should exfoliate on the day of your tan.

You should remove cosmetics and refrain from using them, including make-up, perfume, cologne, lotions, and deodorants.

Use toner or wipes to remove any residual moisturizers and make-up from your skin to balance skin tones and create a beautiful, even tan.

You should wear dark, loose-fitting clothing. If weather permits, you should wear open-toe shoes. You should also bring an umbrella in case there is a chance of rain on the day of your appointment.

During Your Airbrush Spray Tan

You should wear protective eyewear, lip balm, and nose plugs, according to current FDA guidelines. Because airbrush solutions have not been fully tested, you should cooperate with our artist and take all the suggested precautions.

These are all available for purchase, so please ask your sales representative or airbrush artist for his or her recommendation.

We recommend that you dress to your comfort level for your session. We will provide you with disposable undergarments to wear, though we recommend that you wear something strapless if you wear your own.

We offer Hydrofirm Moisturizing Spray (+$10). This proprietary solution helps seal your tan with a moisture barrier that will extend the life of your tan.

You will be asked to stand in an extraction booth to remove solution overspray from the surrounding air.

After-Tan Maintenance

1st Shower: Your first shower after your session is crucial to the longevity of your tan. You should wait 8 hours before showering, unless you purchased the 1-Hour Shower Solution. The first shower should be a quick rinse done without soap to only remove any excess solution. You should avoid any activity that can cause sweating before this first shower.

1 Hour Shower (Norvell Rapid Tan) customers can shower within 60 minutes after application

1 Hour = Light Tan

2 Hours = Medium Tan

3 Hours = Dark Tan

2nd Shower: On the day following your first shower, you should use a soap-free product. For the best results, you should not sleep in your airbrush solution, as residual sweating can cause your tan to fade prematurely.

NOTE: You should not use Dove or similar products. If you do sleep in your tanning solution, you should use darker sheets and wash them within 12 to 24 hours.

Drying: You should pat yourself dry or air dry after your shower; DO NOT use a towel to rub or exfoliate your skin.

Moisturizer: You should try to moisturize as often as possible with a high-quality moisturizer. Be sure to ask your airbrush artist for suggestions.

Water: You can prolong the life of your tan by making sure you drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Tips and Suggestions

Shaving: Any Shaving should be done with at least a three bladed razor in a downward motion. All shaving creams, gels, soaps, oils and conditioners should be replaced with an extremely light, natural, non-alcohol based substitute.

Skin Care: You should not use ANY toners, astringents, salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide or sulfur products.

Perfumes: You can apply perfume to either clothing or hair, but NOT directly on your skin.

Avoid Chlorine: Swimming pools and hot tubs can remove color and shorten the life of your tan.

Over the Counter Products: We recommend that you avoid using over-the-counter products. The preservatives and chemicals used to prolong shelf life will affect the quality and life of your tan.

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