What is Sunless Spray Tanning?

Sunless spray tanning is a cosmetic application of a spray/mist to the body for an appearance that is similar to a traditional suntan. The active ingredient, DHA, reacts with the proteins in the skin to produce the golden color that you want. This tan color will develop about 2 or 3 hours after the application, reaching the peak color after 8 hours. We do offer a 1 Hour Shower Product that can accelerate the effects. This color will gradually fade through the shedding of dead skin, just as a natural sun tan will.

What is the difference in customized airbrush tanning and a sunless booth?

With a customized airbrush tanning, your technician will utilize organic tanning solution that is free of parabens and gluten. We begin by spraying you with Norvell’s pH-balancing xLaTan™ re-sunless spray to boost the amino acid levels in your skin and maximize the color results, so you get a bronze color instead of an orange hue.

We will mix color combinations to result in a natural, skin-specific tan in a process that takes about 15-20 minutes from start until the final drying time.

Unlike the airbrush tanning, a booth does not require a trained technician and is guided by computer voice instruction in a spacious chamber. These chambers do not offer the pH-balancing, which can result in that orange tint. While they take about the same amount of time, they can miss hard-to-reach areas, resulting in an uneven tan.

How Long Should I Wait to Shower?

You should wait about 8 hours before showering to give your spray tan enough time to fully develop, though you may shower within just a few hours if you use the Norvell 1 Hour Rapid Tan Solution.

You should complete your first shower with just lukewarm rinse. NO SOAP! This rinse will result in the bronzer coming off, but don’t be alarmed. The removal of this excess solution is normal. You should then gently pat yourself dry and moisturize with the product your airbrush artist suggested. Be sure to speak with your artist, as some moisturizers contain alcohols and other chemicals that can shorten the life of your tan.

Will Swimming Affect my Sunless Tan?

Whether you swim in salt water or chlorinated water, it will help prematurely fade your spray tan. Normal activities like bathing, showering, or participating in sports will not affect the quality of your tan unless you shower more frequently.

Will My Skin Look Orange?

Absolutely not! Gone are the days of creams and lotions that contain ingredients that leave your skin looking orange. These newer spray tanning solutions can be customized for pH balance to address your specific skin and give you the most accurate color and the gorgeous bronze color you want. We know that no two skin tones are alike and will work with you to create the color you really want.

Does Sunless Spray Tanning Solution leave any smell after contact with my skin?

With Norvell’s organic custom solution, we have fragrance and odor control properties to prevent the unwanted odors that are associated with older spray tanning solutions.

Will the Bronzing Formula stain my hair or clothing?

Our tanning formulas are completely water soluble, so while you may notice some cosmetic bronzer on the inside of your clothing, this will wash out in cold water. To be certain, you should wear dark, loose-fitting clothing after your spray session. After your first shower rinse, you should no longer have to worry about color transfer.

Can I go to sleep immediately after my Spray Tan?

You should avoid going to sleep until at least 8 hours after your spray session, and you should do so only after your first water rinse. After this, you should require no special care besides regular bathing and moisturizing.

In the event that you do not have 8 hours to wait before going to bed, we recommend that you lie on an old, dark-colored sheet to protect lighter sheets from getting stained. If your tan is still sticky when you go to bed, be careful where you position your hands, as placing them on your body can result in spray tan mishaps.

Are there ways to enhance my Sunless Spray results?

At The Cabana, we carry an assortment of take home products that have been created and developed to enhance and extend your sunless spray tanning results. Products purchased elsewhere may not be compatible with our sunless tanning formulas, and these products may block the spray tan application and impede the development process, possibly creating an uneven post tan fading, and shortening the life of your sunless spray tan.

* Ask your The Cabana consultant about Norvell’s complete line of retail take-home products to enhance and extend the life of your professional sunless spray tan.

Will a Sunless Spray Tan hide blemishes or stretch marks?

The Cabana uses Norvell’s organic custom spray solution, which is designed to give you the perfect golden glow, while also adding skin firming and problem hiding properties. Our trained airbrush technicians can sculpt your body and camouflage problem areas such as stretch marks and acne scars leaving you bold, bronzed, and beautiful.

When should I get my manicure or pedicure?

Since soaking and scrubbing are usually performed during manicures or pedicures, these should be completed before your sunless spray tan has begun. All oils and moisturizers from these services should be removed to ensure proper spray tan application and development.

Can I get a Sunless Spray Tan at home?

The Cabana is proud to announce on-location airbrush tanning. Our highly trained airbrush artists can show up to wherever you are. Whether you are at home, in a hotel, or in your office, we carefully spray you in either the shower or our portable airbrush tent, leaving you bronzed and beautiful in less than 30 minutes without anyone ever knowing we were there. Prices are available upon request and advance booking is a must.

What if I’m African-American, will a Spray Tan look good?

Not only will it look good, you’ll look and feel amazing after your customized sunless tan. The Cabana is proud to announce our new Novell’s Double Dark Organic Sunless Spray Solution! Developed exclusively for our ebony skinned divas, this formula focuses on camouflaging problematic areas such as stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. Using micro mirror technology, this revolutionary product acts more like body makeup than actually tanning your skin. We’ve added silicone emulsions and natural oils to balance and restore dry and uneven skin tones, leaving you with a perfect glowing complexion.

Are there any incentives when I refer my friends?

Sharing your flawless sunless tan has never been easier or more worthwhile! Refer friends to The Cabana and as a new customer, you BOTH receive 50% OFF THE SUNLESS TAN SERVICE of your choice!! Simply make sure when booking the appointment you recognize your friend’s name or have them writing on the referral card they were given. We want our new clients to experience the best sunless tan possible, and perks will ensure a long-lasting and beautiful relationship along with the same results!

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What is Body Sculpting?

Body Sculpting is The Cabana's little secret Airbrush Weapon. This focuses on highlighting your best features and hiding your worst. Our skilled airbrush artists use contouring brushes to enhance certain areas such as cheek bones and cleavage, six packs and biceps to give you that little extra you need to look and feel your best! Only a $20 add-on!

** Ask now how becoming a The Cabana Tan’s Body Sculpting Model can get you FREE TANS!**

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